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How to prevent environmentally friendly webbing wetting

Date:2019/7/11 11:56:30 Number of visits:

  Wetting affects not only the life of the environmentally friendly webbing, but also the overall quality of the webbing, especially in the webbing factory. So how do we prevent wetting? Let small make up for you to share the following ribbon in the moisture protection of some small ways.

How to prevent environmentally friendly webbing wetting

  The first and foremost thing to do must be prevention. Often let the environmentally friendly webbing factory ventilation, when the sun, let the sun, is the best.

  Second, when the wet weather comes, we must close every window of the warehouse, especially the one facing south, so that the moisture cannot creep in.

  Third, we can also take advantage of some technological means, is the use of dehumidification appliances to reduce indoor air humidity. General a few air conditioning also are again dehumidification function. General this kind of method effect is slower, cannot have the effect of dehumidification of immediate effect.

  Fourth, is hanging in the ribbon warehouse some desiccant, this can go to the supermarket to buy special desiccant in moisture-proof dehumidification.

  Fifth, is to buy a moisture-proof cabinet ribbon, put in the safety. But the general cost is relatively high, the general small environmentally friendly webbing factory is not necessary to use this method.