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Display ribbon production process

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  Small make up in the weaving industry in a blink of an eye has been struggling for 14 years, a lot of friends ask me what do you do? I replied that I made "ribbon"! Many friends do not understand this misunderstanding I do "woven bag" this small series here to the majority of friends to introduce what is the ribbon, by the way revealed a small "ribbon" knowledge, the production process of manufacturing.

Display ribbon production process

  Process weave

  I. the raw yarn is divided into one yarn head in the shape of a tube, and the yarn pulling machine is used to pull the yarn into the coil head.

  The back frame of the shuttle - less machine is manually threaded into the filaments one by one.

  3. The fine steel mouth is inserted into the connecting drawstring cylinder by the tuner, the fine weft yarn is arranged on the upper baffle plate of the chain and out of the gear, and a series of complex technologies such as width, density, grain and thickness are adjusted.

  Can be made, plain, twill, pit, hollow, edge, jump, such as ribbon fine patterns.

  The general width of trademark webbing is 2mm-200mm, and the thickness is 0.15mm-1mm.

  Packaging and packaging process

  One, dozen and coil belt surface must level off, cannot have undesirable defective article to mix among them.

  Two, each and not more than 3 joints, the unit is 100 yards per and can also be according to the customer's request, the joint must be connected with tape must not be sealed with a pin.

  3. Do not pollute the product during the belt beating process, such as dirt on the belt surface.

  Evaluation of shipment

  One, check the ribbon, belt surface is flat, no pollution.

  Ii. Check whether the width of the ribbon is qualified, the belt surface is flat without bending, and whether the interface is connected with tape.

  Three, check the number of ribbon is correct data registration, inspection shipment.

  Above is the belt production process, in every field of wide - web ribbon industry and strive to do the benchmark!