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The ribbon printing technology analysis and choice

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  Many ribbon printing plants in the mass production of ribbon printing, ribbon printing processing, we need to pay attention to the problem of printing, screen is the basis of screen printing, screen selection is an indispensable link. Due to the printing process, screen printing is very wide range of application, so it is related to many factors. In the selection of screen, according to the specific situation and printing requirements, to choose different screen printing, usually in the selection of screen can be considered from the following different angles.

The ribbon printing technology analysis and choice

  1. According to ribbon printing, printing price of ribbon substrate type selection screen. When choosing, press fiber fabric, paper product, glass, pottery and porcelain, metal, plastic, wood, electron product to wait for a few kinds to undertake choosing to use respectively.

  (2) according to the nature of ribbon printing ink paste screen selection of different ink has different characteristics. So in the selection of screen to consider the ink drying time and color contrast, substrate ink absorption capacity and other factors.

  (3) according to the ribbon printing screen material and performance selection screen selection to consider the screen itself material and physical properties, according to the different suitability to choose the appropriate screen as a printing material.

  (4) according to the printing webbing to choose the standard screen, choose to consider the printing speed, printing pressure, printing plate resistance, substrate absorption capacity.

  Several options for selecting screens have been described earlier. But because of the choice of ribbon printing, printing screen processing is not a simple problem. In addition to the consideration of screen, but also consider the cost of ink, substrate and other constraints. Enjoy the selection of methods and pay attention to the relevant issues, select the appropriate screen to be handy. Screen selection should pay attention to the following aspects.

  (1) first consider the ink through the screen of the degree of difficulty, generally choose to consider this more. Middle color ink to use transparent ink, fibrillation is expected to pull more subtle, and the ratio of relative fibrillation material chromatophore, which causes the ink, the ink when using high mesh screen can also be a good pass, general plastic ink better through sex, special-purpose inks, ink material high concentration of, although is a thin child its through sex is relatively poor.

  (2) if the ribbon printing, ribbon printing tartan belt pattern, printing process substrate surface rough, generally use a lower mesh screen. Such as leather, canvas, foaming body thin section, wood and other materials printing. Due to the substrate surface roughness, ink absorption is strong so you want to use a low mesh mesh, to ensure that enough ink through.

  According to the original text line fine screen selection. In contrast to the above, in general, fine lines to choose high mesh screen.

  (4) choose screen but also consider the cost, in the premise of meeting the requirements of printing, try to choose a lower price screen.

  Small make up to bring you a few relations of the printing process to share hope can help you!